SELECTED WORKS (2019 to ???)


Traveler's Tales

A chapbook of short fiction published by Wrong Press! August, 2023. Four stories. Aliens, ennui, onion rings, and serial killers. Romance, support groups, road trips, and 80-foot-tall hairy women. Get it now!

Girls Online In the Late 2000s

A chapbook of short fiction and other stuff pertaining to teen girlhood, online, circa 2006 to 2010. Self-published in February 2023. Free (or pay what you can). Cover art by Max Graves!

Cradle Chants

A very pink micro-chapbook collecting six poems in a new form I invented. Self-published in April 2022. Free (or pay what you can).

Three Stories

Slightly revised and edited versions of three stories that originally appeared in Prismatica magazine-- "Stars Like Teeth in Summer's Dark Maw", "A Pink Light Coming On", and "Someday My Prince Will Come"-- comprise this chapbook. Includes a collage illustration for each story. Free (or pay what you can).

Modern Metamorphoses: Very Short Fiction

A micro-chapbook of quasi-autobiographical micro-fiction. Loosely "about" transness, alienation/isolation, the concept of home, and resilience. Self-published in March 2021. Free (or pay what you can).


A chapbook full of poems about bodies, sex, decay, gender, worms, etc.-- most of which were never previously published! Wow! Self-published in February 2021. Free (or pay what you can).



Jesse Greer’s troubled older sister, Crys, has run away from home. Shy, socially awkward Jesse assumes that she has returned to her old haunts in the big city — until he discovers Crys’ remains in the woods behind his family’s house. Traumatized, Jesse runs to his parents for help, only to find that Crys has returned home, alive. Folklore meets dark suburbia in this tale of growing up queer in the 1990s. Now available from Knight Errant Press! Cover art by Sadia Bies. August 2023.


Southern Gothic meets surrealism, Corrupted Vessels is a story about terrifying angels, messy realities, and queer life on the margins. Originally self-published as a free-to-download PDF file in March 2020, Corrupted Vessels was distributed in print and as an e-book by the now defunct swallow::tale press in 2021 and 2022.

Corrupted Vessels is now available once again as an e-book or a print-on-demand physical book. This version has been lightly edited and completely re-formatted; it also contains a BRAND NEW 8000-word story called "New Eden". The cover art is by my friend & publisher, Rysz. This edition was released in August 2023.


In this short novel inspired by the Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice concept EP Moon Colony Bloodbath, three indentured, memory-wiped laborers at a crumbling storage facility make some unexpected discoveries about the genetically engineered mutant bodies they tend each day. Sex, drugs, violence, cannibalism, psychic powers, a catgirl (sort of)…Body After Body is the lurid, dreamlike, amoral queer/trans sci-fi trash literature at least four or five people have been waiting for. 232 pages. Cover art by Tom Horstmann! Originally self-published in October 2020. Free (or pay what you can).

short fiction

"Through the Hole in the Stone"

A haunted man remembers his childhood, and how it was he came to be possessed by an ancient creature that allows him to see through time. Published in BROKEN OLIVE BRANCHES, a charity anthology of horror and dark SFF to support humanitarian aid in Palestine. All proceeds go to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund and ANERA. January 2024.

"Lupus In Fabula"

A ritual, a celebration, forbidden to outsiders, in the woods late at night. The wolf in the story comes when he's called. Free to read online. Apparition Magazine, "Creature" issue, August 2023.


A story about Renfield and Dracula. It's gay. Published in Tower Magazine #1, free to download at the link. May 2023.

"December Story"

Loose remix of "The Snow Queen", partial epistolary format, creatures of the night. K cannot escape the cold; Gene cannot escape K. Published in the anthology MOONCALVES, which may be purchased at the link. January 2023.

"Gardeners in Hades"

Two men at work, underground. Published in ALOCASIA #3, December 2022. Free to read online.

"Biological Reality"

A guy gives birth to and then eats a baby he doesn't want. Published in Warning Lines #5, December 2022. Free to read online; you may also purchase a print copy of the magazine via the link. REPRINTED with several equally illustrious and disgusting works in MOUTHFEEL #1 (September 2023).


The Robber Girl woos K, through teeth and blood. Brief companion piece to "December Story". Published in Pink Pansy #1, October 2022. Free to read online; you may also purchase a print copy of the magazine via the link.

"Close Encounter"

Two young men have a strange experience. Published in beestung #12 (TRANS IS THE FUTURE, THE FUTURE IS TRANS), August 2022. Free to read online.


Once I visited a city made of keratin. Flash fiction published in Dark Entries, August 2022. Free to read online.

"Serpent's Bride"

Or, The Beastly Bridegroom. Published in Corvid Queen, May 2022. Free to read online.

"Persephone, Traveling"

A robot goes to the moon in search of a place to belong. Published on the HyphenPunk website, May 2022. Free to read online.

"A Chrysalis For the Emperor"

Twelve-year-old Bug isn't normal and doesn't want to be, but almost everyone around her is bent on forcing her into a typical girlshape. Fortunately, her friend Kieran understands. Published in Shift #4, Spring 2022. Free to read online (via downloadable PDF). This story was reprinted in the anthology CHANGELINGS, which collects YA fiction by nonbinary and transmasculine autistic authors, and which may be purchased here.


A story about sex and blood and what lies under the skin. Werewolf smile. Published in Mae Murray's anthology THE BOOK OF QUEER SAINTS, March 2022. Available to purchase as a paperback or e-book at the link. This story was a nominee and shortlister for BRAVE NEW WEIRD: THE BEST NEW WEIRD HORROR OF 2022!

"The Holy Incubus of West Virginia"

A story about secrets, obsession, and sex with Mothman. Published in Bonemilk #1, March 2022. Available to purchase as a paper copy or PDF at the link.


A ghost story. Published in The Gamut, Issue #1 (White), March 2022. Free to read online.

"Lanie's Monster"

Kaiju, friendship, ecstatic death. Being a middle school girl. Published in The Fantastic Other, Issue Four, February 2022. Free to read online.


Being a maid at a roadside motel means cleaning up some pretty strange messes. Published in Ligeia's Winter 2021 issue, January 2022. Free to read online.

"Clinic" and "Ghost-Rose"

Two flash fictions. Isolation and mercy. Children's games. Published in Stone of Madness #16, January 2022. Free to read online.

"7 7 7"

Coming out across twenty years, through flash fiction. Published in Perhappened's special RUNNING issue, January 2022. Free to read online. Was one of the 2023 Wigleaf Top Fifty flash fiction stories!

"Nothin' But Mammals"

A stoner gives a handjob to a horse in human form. Published in Delicate Lit #5, December 2021. Free to read online.

"Saint Sebastian"

A 3,800 word Gothic horror story about a boy, and his parents, and a painting, and an old house in the middle of nowhere. Originally self-published in November 2021. Free or pay-what-you-can.

"The Weather in Purgatory"

A story about losing yourself in an age of apocalypse. Refusing to participate fully in the world as an act of futile, possibly misguided rebellion. The Hanged Man tarot card. Jonah in the belly of the whale. Big storms coming. Published in smoke + mold #5.1: Hurricane Season, October 2021. Free to read online.


Robots have a hard life on Mars, but even people who aren't supposed to be people can make friends sometimes. Quiet flash sci-fi slice of life. Published on the HyphenPunk website in October 2021. Free to read online.

"The Giant and the Girl of Glass"

Romantic flash fiction about disabled circus performers. Published March 2021 in MoonPark Review. Free to read online, along with the rest of the magazine.

"Lost Girl, or Boy: An Autobiography"

Sometimes you lose your virginity, and it's bad. Sometimes you don't know what you are. Sometimes a secret lives inside you like a tumor. This is a story about rape. Published in Random Sample Review #3, Winter/Spring 2020. Free to read online, along with the rest of the magazine.


Other people in my college creative writing class compared an earlier draft of this not-quite-novelette to both Joyce Carol Oates's "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" and, I quote, "some kind of fucked up anime tentacle porn". Free/pay-what-you-want. As of April 6, 2022, "Tattercloak" has been revised for prose style, clarity, and concision.


A 5,000 word queer Gothic short story about ghosts, incest, love, and guilt. Originally self-published in February 2020. Free or pay-what-you-can.

"Alterations: An Interview"

Flash fiction about decadent body modification published in beestung magazine, Issue #1, Fall 2019. Free to read online, along with the rest of the magazine.


More vampire material. More witch material. Perhaps, someday, giants.


"Strangers With Faces You Know"

About the type of monster at the center of my novella The False Sister. Published on Ginger Nuts of Horror, November 2023.


A review of Melancholic Parables by Dale Stromberg. Published on Stromberg's blog, August 2022.

"All-Meat Memory Box"

A review of Where Was I Again? by Olivia Muenz. Published in Stone of Madness #18, July 2022.

"On Body Horror and Growing Up Strange"

A reflection on my relationship with certain works of fiction through my childhood and adolescence. Published on the Wellcome Collection website in February 2020, with killer illustrations by Sonia Leong. Free to read online!


"2 More Omens"

Two further micropoems in Petrichor #23: Pebbles. October 2023. Free to read online.

"Things Are Looking Up, Baby!"

Prose poem in A Body You Talk To: An Anthology Of Contemporary Disability. May 2023. Download a free PDF of the anthology at the link.

"2 Omens"

Two micropoems in Petrichor #21: Pebbles. October 2022. Free to read online.

"Triptych Regarding the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event"

A prose poem about the end of the world, then and now, in the Mesozoic Reader #1, July 2022. Buy a copy via the link!

"Celestial Event, December 2020"

A poem about space and loneliness in Rabid Oak #26, June 2022. Free to read online.

"the mud & the river & the bent old trees"

Mild formal experimentation, with my favorite standby themes of decay and resurrection, in Sporazine #2. February 2021. Free to read online

"in purgatory (XII. The Hanged One)"

My contribution to the Blood Orange Poetry Tarot, representing the Hanged Man card in the major arcana. I've always felt a special connection to this tarot card, and I'm honored to have gotten to participate in this eccentric, ambitious project. Published in February 2020, free to read online. Watch the Blood Orange website-- a new poem for a new tarot card comes out every week!

interactive fiction

"black stars, clear liquor"

An erotic horror twine about hooking up with strangers at a bar. Choose between three different paths! They all kinda suck, and they all lead to the same place. Very graphic sexual content. Self-published in February 2023. Play in browser, or download it if you want. Free.

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